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A Few (more) Critical Success Factors

Sep 3, 2010 at 3:05 AM

Upgrade guidance is excellent and very much needed. Too bad I didn't find it until after I walked through the TFSInstallGuide.

1. Has this TFS Upgrade Guide been superceded by the latest TFSInstallGuide?

2. Will this be updated to cover TFS2010 RTM ( & re-release)?

3. Consider incorporating

For example, I found the limits and differences using "tfconfig import" to be very helpful. It would be even cooler to have a chart that lists known pros and cons for each upgrade method (in-place, migration upgrade to new hardware, tfsconfig import on new hardware (cloned DB), Codeplex TFS to TFS Migration Wizard, etc.)

4. What have other people seen or have to share? Add more notes to this discussion!


Thanks! -Zephan