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Migrating SCC database

Mar 16, 2010 at 9:17 AM


We use TFS 2008 for source control ONLY at present. I am looking at introducing TFS 2010 because it seems much better for agile project planning & management. What I wondered is, can I create a new Team Project in 2010 using MSF v5 process template and then import our existing SCC database in to this team project.

The main reason for wanting to do this is because we have a lot of source code and history attached to check-ins and we can't start from scratch with a new SCC database.

Ah, also, we don't currently use the team portal either so creating a new Team Project in 2010 seems like the easiest option to me.


Thanks for your help.


Apr 8, 2010 at 12:42 PM


From your query, I understand that you want to use the new Team project Template of TFS2010 but wish to attach the Source code from TFS 2008.

If we do an In-place or migration upgrade on your existing codebase, the code will get migrated to TFS 2010 but the process template will remain the same as that of TFS2008. You will then have to enable the new features of TFS 2010 in this upgraded project manually. But it might be difficult to enable all the WIT/Process template Level changes (of MSF V5) in the upgraded team project (

One other option you can consider is create a new team Project in TFS 2010 (new installation) and Use TIP ( to move the Source code from TFS 2008 instance to TFS 2010.  Proper Planning and scoping is crucial in this approach.

Hope that helps.


Pramod V